Personal Prayer Retreats

Has the Lord been sending you an invitation to draw closer?


During his ministry, Jesus needed to step away from the crowds and get in touch with His Father.  Often He went alone (Luke 5:16). 

How much more do we need to come away to draw close with the Lord?


Personal Prayer Retreats at Christ the King Spiritual Life Center are, above all, about getting more time in the Lord’s Presence. 

For those who are looking for healing - physical, emotional, or interpersonal - Personal Prayer Appointments with the prayer team at Christ the King may be arranged in advance. 

For those interested in spiritual direction, our ministry staff will help you develop a retreat tailored to your Christian background, personal experience, and current walk with the Lord.

Contemplative readings, music, DVDs, the Barry House Theological Library, and many other resources are also available to guests.


Retreats are about you and the Lord.

They are tailored to your individual timeline and needs.

Give us a call today to talk about the options.

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