Reviving Romance Couples Conference

Reviving Romance Retreat Schedule

Retreat Schedule

Friday, November 10

6:oo      Registration

6:30      Introduction: Opening Theme - We bring expectations about romantic love into our marriage.  What is love, really?

7:15      Dinner

8:15      Session 1: Defining the Dance of Oneness - Let’s look at how unlike Jesus we can be and unearth our desire to love like He loves.  In brokenness we surrender to His Spirit and find the closer we draw to Him, the more we are able to love our spouse.


Saturday, November 11

8:00 Breakfast

9:00 Session 2: Intimacy & Identity - How do you love someone without losing yourself? Learn the biblical foundations for individual identity as a prerequisite for true intimacy.

Coffee Break

10:30 Session 3: Intimacy & Sexuality - Understand God’s design for masculinity and femininity and find constructive ways to grow together in sexual intimacy

12:45 ‘Picnic’ Boxed Lunch

2:00 Session 4: Conflict Resolution & Prevention - Gain communication strategies for problem solving and powerful tools to plan your future together.

3:00 Panel Discussion / Q & A

4:00 Concluded